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Nora Rashid

Anat is amazing. What she helped me achieve through her practices saved me from years of traditional counseling. Her techniques literally solved a lifetime of repetitive patterns that were debilitating my progress (financially, spiritually, professionally). I am learning to love life and myself again.. My children have also benefited from my progress from Anats work on me.
I am advocate of having such healing implemented into our schools and work places. MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than Traditional counseling and results in much less time.
I am soo empowered from her work on me. I truly wish for this feeling and help for everyone.

Alexis Dowling

I’ve had the pleasure of having 2 sessions with Anat and they were both incredible. My first was a past life regression, and my second session was QHHT. Both experiences were absolutely amazing and I received some wonderful information. Anat is such a talented guide through the experiences and helped me navigate these worlds. I highly recommend Higher Choice Hypnosis! Anat is wonderful!

Amber B.

I had a hypnosis session with Anat and it has helped me so much with rooting out my phobias, especially with fire and the fear of death. I am starting to feel more optimistic about life, and not letting fear get in the way of living life to the fullest. I feel a deeper sense of peace within me and know I can trust God and my journey. I highly recommend Anat for anyone who struggles with phobias and anxiety.

Alan Parker

Anat has a knack for helping get to the core of an issue and effectively working on it. I recommend her highly!

Lynda S

I’ve had experiences with many hypnotherapists. I am easily brought into trance. My son was an instructor of hypnotherapy school. On my son’t behalf, I have had sessions with several of his students. Also several graduate hypnotherapists. I can say: Anat is in the top 5% in terms of results. Pleasant personality, and soothing voice. I recommend her to many of my patients.

N. S.

I have been a client of Anat for almost a year now and have had several Past Life Regression sessions. My last session was extremely therapeutic for stress I was having from my job. Both of my daughters have also been to her for hypnotherapy with successful results. Would definitely recommend hypnotherapy with Anat as she is an expert in her field.

Elmer J

You allowed me to focus on solutions and helped me relax so defenses didn’t control me. Thanks for helping me communicate with little Elmer and allow my adult self to take charge.

Lorena R.

I’ve Been doing Sessions with Anat for almost a good year. I can’t even Start to Explain the Great impact she has had in my Life. She Has taught me Forgiveness, Love Myself Embrace And Hold Myself when I am feeling down. Learn from my mistakes and just do Me!!!! It’s all about making Me happy first then I can show my love for my Family Friends etc. Anat is soooooo Awesome Shes A very Bright Intellectual Woman I have so much respect for her. I could keep going but I’ll stop. She’s amazing!

Hypnosis Reviews

Chris Montoya

Amazing results!

Thank you Anat for the progress and work we’ve done together! You’ve helped me overcome some really big personal, professional and spiritual issues I’ve been struggling with for a long time and I’m moving fast forward into a life with more perspective, choice and possibilities I’ve never seen before!

In fact, it’s your openness, your ability to navigate and help me zoom into the real issues and challenges that has helped me the most in working with you. I love that you have a strong focused analytical mind, patient demeanor and up to explore whatever comes up with an open mind and without judgment which is very important to me.

What really surprised me about our work together is that I’ve overcome subconscious blocks in my earning ability, increased my self-worth and I’m now setting better personal goals and boundaries to have a better life – those are things we didn’t deal with directly, so I feel like I’ve received so many extra gifts from your services.

I know you are doing great work for people in Albuquerque and I wish you continued success and healing you provide to clients!

Zahra M

Help with CPA Exam

I had reached out to Anat to help me tackle the different aspects of taking a complex exam as the CPA exam. When I reached out to Anat, I was having trouble with my confidence, time management, motivation, and having anxiety attacks. Anat was able to help me identity why I was having these problems when it came to study. With her different technique, she was able to help lead me out of these trouble areas. The information that I gained not only helped with my studying but it also helped me in my professional and personal life too. Anat made me feel comfortable and safe. It was easy to open up to her about my struggles and I did not feel judgment but empowered. After each session, I walked away knowing that I released an idea, blockage or experience that didn’t serve me anymore. An added benefit of the sessions was having a hypnosis recording made specific for me and the subject that we worked on that day. I listen to the recording each morning and night and sometime before studying. This helped build my motivation and confidence. Overall, my sessions with Anat were a true investment that I am seeing my returns. The amount of time Anat spends with you, the problems you are able to overcome and the benefits of the recordings are priceless. If you have any reservations… don’t. This is a great service and it will help you in all areas of your life.

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