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NLP (Neuro linguistic Programming) – An Effective Pathway To Change

Smiling man after he changed his patterns with neuro linguistic programming (NLP)

Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) is a state-of-the-art communication and behavioral change technique. It’s one of the tools I use in my practice in Albuquerque, NM to enhance the effectiveness of hypnosis.

NLP is the science of reprogramming the subconscious mind to overcome previous programming contrary to one’s best interests. The core of NLP is the idea that you must change your belief system in order to change your life.

Your mind stores all your memories as pictures, sounds, and feelings. Using NLP techniques, it is possible to change the representations of those memories in your mind, ultimately changing your emotions about them and your behavior.

Most of us have a lot of subconscious belief systems that we are not even aware of. These beliefs have been programmed from early childhood, many times before we could reason, put things in a sensible context, and decide for ourselves.

NLP provides a means to reevaluate our beliefs and decide for ourselves, as rational adults, whether those beliefs make any sense or if they help or hinder us.

Beliefs are central to NLP

Beliefs have a powerful influence on how we feel about ourselves, others, and situations. We filter everything we see, hear, and experience through perceptions founded on hidden beliefs. They motivate the decisions that we make.

We can improve our lives if we can discover what drives us and change the beliefs that cause difficulties.

Therefore, some of the techniques of NLP aim to help you discover your hidden beliefs. After all, you can’t change them if you don’t know them.

Here’s an example:

What are your most deeply held beliefs about money?

A reasonably simple technique in neuro linguistic programming is to write down all your feelings and fears about money. Then, add to everything your parents said about money when you were growing up. For example, “money doesn’t grow on trees,” “do you think I’m made of money?” or “I can’t afford it.”

Hearing these sorts of statements about money when you were growing up can cause you to develop negative beliefs about money. For example, you may think you should have money, but subconsciously you believe that you will never be able to have it. This can influence your behavior and prevent you from achieving financial affluence.

NLP anchors new beliefs with positive emotions to establish them in the mind and body. Other techniques used in NLP include interrupting thought patterns, reframing memories, and swishing – a technique that helps you enlarge your vision and break through limitations.

Neuro linguistic programming offers life-changing strategies based on the awareness of the massive power that subconscious beliefs have over our lives.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your life, NLP could provide a practical pathway to change.

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