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Relaxation Techniques

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There is a wide range of relaxation techniques that help you reduce stress and lead a more relaxed way of life.

Living in a hectic paced world, we often take on stress without even being aware that we are affected. Pretty soon, though, we find ourselves reacting to day to day events as if they were monumental.

There are things we can do to relieve the stress in our lives. We can learn ways to calm ourselves through relaxation techniques. By learning specific techniques to reduce our stress, we can begin to enjoy a better quality of life again. We can lower our blood pressure, stop grinding our teeth at night while we sleep, stop overreacting with anger and frustration, and ultimately live longer.

Higher Choice Hypnosis Background

One proven relaxation Technique is meditation.

Used by people for thousands of years, meditation is still relied on as a very effective way of reducing stress and finding our natural rhythm.

During meditation, we slow our breathing and find quiet within our minds. This brings on an inner peace within us that helps us let go of the world around us. Then we can find the quiet space we need that is within us to release the stress from our daily lives. Practiced regularly, meditation techniques can keep us relaxed throughout our stress filled days.

Autogenic relaxation is a technique using visual imagery and awareness of the body to relax us. For example, becoming aware of the physical muscle tensions, we repeat words to ourselves, reducing this tension while focusing on our muscles relaxing.

Visualization techniques for relaxing require us to form mental images of tranquil places, such as a quiet beach, a green meadow, rocking on gentle ocean waves, and any relaxing place.

In one way or another, these relaxation techniques involve some form of meditation. We need to find a quiet spot where we will not be interrupted for some time so we can relax in a deeper state.

All of these relaxation techniques are related to hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a technique that, when practiced correctly, will get us into a deep relaxation that our bodies respond to naturally. It allows us to release stress hormones in our bodies and distracts us from unnecessary clutter in our thoughts.

In hypnosis, we use positive affirmations to reinforce our relaxation state to a deep level where we can build self-confidence and support our natural abilities to counter stress. It can even change undesirable habits by giving positive suggestions.

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