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I Use Hypnosis to Resolve Issues in Weeks, Not Years!

Let's Get You Unstuck!


Use Hypnotherapy to Turn Your Worst Enemy – Yourself, into Your Greatest Ally!

It’s time to stop struggling against yourself. Using willpower can only get you so far, for so long. It’s not only about changing a specific behavior or resolving an issue. I use hypnosis to resolve issues in weeks, not years. We determine the root cause of your blocks and create permanent changes. Imagine achieving your goals quickly and living your life to the fullest.

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Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Enhance Sports Performance

Improve Learning Skills

Quit Smoking

Lose Weight

Build Self Esteem

Every day I have the privilege of supporting people in achieving their goals, whatever they are. Hypnosis is so powerful that only a few sessions are usually enough to help people…

Rapid & Permanent Results!

Higher Choice Hypnosis


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Happy Clients

What they're saying

I have been a client of Anat for almost a year now and have had several Past Life Regression sessions. My last session was extremely therapeutic for the stress I was having from my job. Both of my daughters have also been to her for hypnotherapy with successful results. Would definitely recommend hypnotherapy with Anat as she is an expert in her field.

Tough As Nails

Profound! Amazing! Life changing! I’ve had the pleasure of having 2 sessions with Anat, which were both incredible. My first was a past life regression, and my second session was QHHT. Both experiences were absolutely amazing, and I received some wonderful information. Anat is such a talented guide through the experiences and helped me navigate these worlds. I highly recommend Higher Choice Hypnosis! Anat is wonderful!

Alexis Dowling

Anat is amazing. What she helped me achieve through her practices saved me from years of traditional counseling. Her techniques literally solved a lifetime of repetitive patterns that were debilitating my progress (financially, spiritually, and professionally). I am learning to love life and myself again. My children have also benefited from my progress from Anat's work on me. I am an advocate of having such healing implemented in our schools and workplaces. MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than Traditional counseling and results in much less time.

Norah Rashid

Steps to a Whole New Life:

We will discuss your goals and the best ways to achieve them.

Hypnotherapy Sessions

We will use hypnosis to eliminate any blocks holding you back.

Enjoy Your Success

Your self-esteem will improve dramatically. You will live your life to the fullest as your best self.

“LIVE, DIE, AND TAKE NOTES is an excellent way to study and vicariously experience past life regressions with the aid of an experienced hypnotherapist as your guide. Readers who are fascinated by or even just curious about this topic should put this book at the top of their reading list. It’s doubtful they’ll be able to put the book down once they start the journey. Weinstein is uniquely qualified to write this book. The reader can trust this author. Inside, the reader will be taken on many journeys of past lives. The author makes sense of the journeys by including lessons learned, and giving the reader the chance to contemplate and study the events. Readers will leave this book more knowledgeable and will hopefully live even better lives. Kudos to this author.”  


— Judge, 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

Anat Weinstein in her office at Higher Choice Hypnosis where she helps clients overcome their challenges such as quitting smoking or losing weight

About Me

Many people have an internal block that has them stuck on something - whether that be weight loss, quitting smoking, self-esteem, etc.  I help clear emotional blocks & negative programming to fix issues, so they can achieve their goals quickly and permanently.

I’ve been a full-time hypnotherapist for over 15 years now. Some of the tools I use are hypnosis and NLP. Like all tools, they are only as good as the hypnotherapist using them. And you will benefit from their use if you have the intention and desire to create real change.

Hypnosis Can Help You:

Eliminate Anxiety and Unhealthy Habits

Learn techniques for relaxation and gain new perspectives that will result in inner peace.

Increase Confidence and Self-Esteem

Regardless of your issue or goal, you will benefit from greater self-esteem. This will be a natural outcome of our work together.

Achieve Your Goals

When you learn to believe in yourself and overcome internal resistance, reaching goals becomes much easier.

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