What Is Handwriting Analysis?

Graphology provides valuable information about your personality.

Handwriting Analysis is a science used to explore the relationship between a person’s handwriting to their character, mood and behavior.

The science is based on the premise that the writing is actually being done by the subconscious mind.

Beyond the conscious information contained in the actual written content, the handwriting also reveals information about the writer and their unconscious feelings while they were writing. The writing becomes a “frozen” projection of the person’s state of mind, personality and thinking style, on paper.

Handwriting analysis is an accurate, objective and reliable diagnostic tool.

By using a method that is noninvasive it is possible to construct an evaluation of the writer’s personality. Analysts can evaluate about 50 different traits about a person, for example: reliability, ambition, logic, instinct for business, decision making, motivation, memory, ability to concentrate, interpersonal relationships, mental and physical health and more…

Graphology (analysis of your handwriting) is not and never was mystical. The development of graphology was done through pronounced scientific tools, and is based on accepted psychological principals and a complicated diagnostic procedure.

For many years now, graphology is an accepted and valued tool for hiring and screening employees all over the world.

Done correctly, handwriting analysis can provide insight into your strengths and weaknesses. It can reveal some areas in your life that you can improve and others that you can make use of.

As a hypnotherapist I use graphology as a diagnostic tool. No particular graphology indicator totally reveals everything about a personality trait. There are many elements to interpreting handwriting.

Sometimes handwriting analysis simply reminds you of your strengths and talents. Other times it reveals hidden abilities you knew nothing of.

Such revelations can increase your self confidence and strengthen your personal belief system. It can encourage you to take on new challenges or recommit to old ones. It can also help you make career decisions because it identifies personal traits which reveal your deeper desires and motivations. Your ideal career path may be different from the one you have chosen.

There are times when the results of an analysis can also suggest a need for help to overcome a particular issue. An analysis of your handwriting can help you become more peaceful and self accepting because it shows the real you.

Once you understand and accept yourself you can become more aware of why you react the way you do and avoid certain situations or adjust to others.

If you are seeking to become the best person you can be and to live a life you can be happy with, graphology can provide you with valuable information.

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